Track Your Dog’s Location and Activities with WhistleGPS


Constantly faced with missing dog problems? Have no fear, WhistleGPS is here!

WhistleGPS is the first dog activity monitor. It has three unique features – If This Than That (IFTTT) channel, advanced medication reminders and GPS dog locator.


How it works: This monitor gadget (pictured above) can be attached to your dog’s collar. It comes with sensors that will collect and capture all activities your dog will carry out – such as running, playing, sleeping and swimming. These data will then be transferred to the matching phone app, that passes on to the dog’s owner, giving him/her a visualization viewpoint on its daily routine.

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor is available at for US$79.95 + subscription plan. This product requires a Wi-Fi network and a subscription plan to work.








What do you think of this invention? What does it mean for digital marketers in future?

Do you think this device could eventually turn into a social media platform for dogs’ uses(or pets in general)?

Source: The Apple Store Now Carries an Activity Tracker for Your Dog


#Why #Hashtags #Are #Spams


Hashtags are wonderful inventions for posts on social media sites to help us gain exposure and specify our search. Most of the time, hashtags are appropriately used, but there are situations when hashtags are abused to the extend that they have turned into a series of spams.

One example is that anyone can decide which appropriate keywords to use for their posts and websites. However, another user may use the same keyword but not for the same intended content. Perhaps she/he may be using it to gain wider exposure for her/his own personal branding, instead of what’s relevant to the hashtag’s intended results. Seems like a small issue at first, but if everyone were to abuse the hashtags choices of key words by plotting every word they could find in the dictionary, very soon these hashtags will depreciate and deemed not helpful to users anymore.


Another reason for labeling spams against hashtags, was that relatively few people know how to use hashtags. And among those, most of them were slightly spammy. Perhaps this mindset would change if more people know how use hashtags correctly.

However, there are also circumstances where people use hashtags to associate posts with a common topic, for discussions and updates, because hashtags help to make sense for these conversations identified with a common trend. And these hashtags are not spams – they are intended.

Now over to you, how do you utilize hashtags in your daily posts?

Source: Why Hashtags are Spam #hashtags

Land The Job By Playing The Popular Game Diablo 3, Against The Company’s CEO.

I was inspired by vkayokay‘s comment on one of my blog post (GrubHub’s Hunt for Summer Intern using Snapchat) to write this interesting post!

So you think playing online games are useless, big waste of time? Not until you hear this – In the month of July 2012, Saatchi & Saatchi’s CEO in Israel, invited his job applicants to challenge him to a match of Diablo 3 online. Whoever has the best programming skills, will be invited down to his office for a face to face interview.

Here’s the criteria to be accepted; The CEO is looking for a programmer who can work well in a team, and think on the spot quickly when faced with adversities. He should also be merciless to his enemies on the battlefield, while trying to think of ways to slay them – Just like playing the game of Diablo 3.

The successful applicant will be rewarded with 1 million gold coins and a rare legendary item – the Warmonger sword, as well as the programming job.

I’d say what an awesome boss!

Over to you, what is it about a job that motivates you to apply for it?

Source: Israeli Company Will Judge Applicants Based On Diablo Skills

GrubHub’s Hunt for Summer Intern using Snapchat

GrubHub is an online eatery delivery service and they are looking for interns with insane “Snapchat Skillz”. So they advertised 6 doodle images to promote their recruitment and at the same time, showcased their expectations in an applicant via these images.

grubhub 242579_2_800 242579_3_800

242579_4_800 242579_5_800 242579_6_800 

To apply,
Step1: Applicants would first need to send GrubHub their best doodle piece on Snapchat
Step 2: Proceed to fill in a google application form in the image, or find it in GrubHub’s careers page.


This recruitment campaign by GrubHub is an effective and simple way to attain promising interns to showcase their creativity, social media skills, and get a chance to stand out among the rest with a unique sense of humour in their applications.

232211_2_800 232211_3_800 227599_1_800

So over to you, do you know of any other creative social media employee recruitment campaigns?


Source: 5 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Snapchat

How To Narrow Down Relevant Hashtags To Widen Your Exposure

It is crucial to know whether you’ve used the correct hashtags in your area of expertise. Just imagine this scenario – you’re a consumer looking for a blue dress to wear to a party this weekend. Would you search for keyword ‘blue’ or ‘blue dress’?

Using a filter function called RiteTag, I would be able to locate the best hashtags for my own personal branding. All I have to do is sign in my Twitter (or Facebook) handle, and a breakdown of all my hashtags will appear in red, blue or green boxes. The different colors symbolise how often these hashtags are being used – Blue represents ‘Underused’, Green represents ‘Good’ and Red represents ‘Overused’.

Screen shot 2014-10-19 at AM 04.17.22

Screen shot 2014-10-13 at PM 09.24.27

In my case: There are several hashtags with blue boxes, which represent good hashtags that will give me good exposure for my tweets. #Halloween is in a green box and thus its a an excellent hashtag that would give my tweets huge exposure (because less people are fighting to be spotted with this hashtag). However, #Giveaway is in a red box, thus it signifies over-usage as this hashtag is being used by too many people, thereby having less chances for my tweets to be exposed.

Question to the floor: What are your preferred methods to know which hashtags are best for you?

Source: How to Identify Relevant Hashtags for Your BusinessRitetag

My thoughts on the future – Internet of things

We imagine internet of things to connect our every day interactive objects. It means that these objects and computers will be able to ‘talk’ to each other to usher in information.

Briefly, here are some examples of how the Internet of Things could change our daily lives which I researched online:


1. Locked yourself out of the house in a rush? The sensor door will delay locking for 30 seconds so that you can go back into the house to get the keys. No more worrying and hassles about misplacing your keys or having to make a new one just because you thought you lost it somewhere.


2.  Individuals with a family history of heart disease need not worry in the future.  With a handheld or wrist monitoring device,  these devices would measure the heartbeat for any irregularities.  Should an irregularity be detected,  it would send the individual a message warning them to visit the hospital for a checkup,  thus saving the life of the individual. 


3. Imagine stepping into the supermarket,  wishing to buy your favorite brand of milk.  However,  it has ran out of stock. The digital display on the trolley then indicates the next stock up of that particular brand of milk.

Satisfied, you decide to place an advance order on the milk.  On the way out,  you decide to purchase a bag of chips,  some vegetables and a pack of minced beef.  The trolley has already detected all of your purchase inside through the use of wireless communication technology.  You push your trolley out of the exit,  where the bill has been totalled and sent to your bank account to be credited.

Welcome to the future of grocery shopping.


4. When being stuck in a traffic jam, all cars would communicate with each other through a wireless network,  therefore spreading vehicles through different roads in order to optimize road usage and minimize traffic jams,  all without human intervention or control at all. 


5. You got into a serious accident while cycling down hill and landed unconscious, there’s no one around you. The, the accelerometer in your helmet is able to pick up that you’ve badly hit your head. It then sound a signal to check if your bicycle is near you and moving. If all’s negative, your bicycle will sound an emergency alarm for a few seconds until its deactivated. Otherwise the helmet will send your exact location to thze nearest ambulance, and emergency contacts in your phone, while alerting others surrounding of your situation.


6. Finished your coffee? Just place the cup onto the electronic saucer. Click yes or no for another cup of coffee and the barista will send it you.


7. Wanna sleep in but not sure if your schedule allows? Your phone will tell your alarm that your calendar phone schedule allows you an additional hour of rest. The alarm clock will then take note not to wake you up.

I’m definitely looking forward to the benefits of living with internet of things. It would make our lives 3 times faster and better, with less worries and harmful accidents. What’s your take on this change in lifestyle?

Source: 9 Real-Life Scenarios That Show How The Internet Of Things Could Transform Our Lives

Review of Gapminder: The Revolutionary Way to Present Any Statistics

Interested in statistics but wish you could go more than just 100 years on a graph? Or create one that’s more interactive?

In putting together Friday’s seminar on Public Accessible Big Data, I researched further on Gapminder and found a whole new level of awesomeness in statistics.

Using the example of gaps in wealth and health, history, inequalities between nations, and the spread of spanish flu and HIV over 200 years in Gapminder, Hans Rosling (creator of Gapminder) has them all presented in an animated, fun, colorful and alluring manner. It also has tons of incredible built-in statistical information of interesting points supporting the different countries’ points in the graph. I actually became interested in statistics after seeing how Gapminder works.




With each country in the world illustrated by a colourful circle – bigger circle represents bigger population and vice versa – users can fiddle around with timelines and different vertical & horizontal axis. You can also tweak the speed of the graph animation, to match it  to your presentation. Take a step further with Gapminder, by uploading your own data and create your own bubble graph in future once Hans Gosling have input this function to do so. Comparing international GDPs had never been so much fun.

This program will make messing around with numbers and maps fun, even if you don’t know nuts about moving average or standard deviation. With Gapminder, you’ll find yourself loving statistics more – whether creating it or trying to understand it! Because I was completely sold after watching this video demonstration by the creator himself! Imagine what digital marketing could be in future with this program!