Billion Dollar Firm e.l.f Cosmetics Uses Only ONE Social Media To Advertise Itself

Social media allows for two-way communication, which is extremely valuable for getting positive and negative feedbacks to find out what consumers like and don’t like, how to get them the latest information, how to improve quality of products, and so on.

Eyes Lips Face, also known as e.l.f. Cosmetics, does zero advertising but uses Twitter actively with > 20,000 followers, and responses personally to as many tweets as he could.

This method of advertising steered towards the more intimate and traditional way of engaging with customers. It also aids in providing timely brand information directly from e.l.f, and validate all information from family and friends. Follow e.l.f on Twitter and you can get tips and advice throughout the day.

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Since then, the length of customer visiting their website has tripled and sales skyrocketed. So much so that all product pages on the site host a “chat now” button that lets customers connect directly with one of the company’s in-house professional makeup artists.

They also included the option to create a wish-list that connects to Facebook or view educational web videos on makeup techniques and styles. Their website currently includes over two million members.

What I could infer from the latest digital marketing trend is that the number one thing companies are looking for is the engagement. They’re looking for evidence that people are interacting and become even more loyal to the brands, followed by traffic referrals and sales.


10 thoughts on “Billion Dollar Firm e.l.f Cosmetics Uses Only ONE Social Media To Advertise Itself

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Elizabeth! A nice start, but it would be great to know how successful e.l.f are with their strategy of promotion only through bloggers. Perhaps you can follow up this first post with shorter but more detailed posts on each company mentioned? I look forward to reading your blog this semester!


    1. Hi Kristel, I heeded your advices and changed certain aspects of this post. e.l.f cosmetics is doing tremendously well with just social advertising strategy, but their cheap price tags also played a very significant part of their successes.


  2. Good post – some great issues raised here.

    I often wonder about the credibility of a blogger or YouTuber recommending a particular brand. If they are being paid (either cash or product) for their positive comments, should we really trust them?

    What do others think?


    1. Hi Peter, with regards to your question on blogger’s credibility, well, that depends really. If the blogger has a really good argument on why to buy such a product, or demonstrate in Youtube or any social media that such a product really works for its intended purpose, or in marketing terms, “Customer Experience exceeded what the Customer paid for”, then I would say they are reliable, irregardless whether they are being paid to do so.

      An example is myself. I am currently looking for a GoPro camera as my new gadget, and I would look at the particular vlogger for his reviews on GoPro cameras. He was able to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of GoPro products, which gave me a more balanced and informed view of which GoPro cameras I should purchase. This is despite him being paid in GoPro cameras to do reviews in return.

      His video link is here:

      His videos are short and interesting to watch.



      1. Great argument there Benjamin. However, like what Peter said, perhaps we have to evaluate the truthfulness of blggers’s reviews. The blogger reviewing GoPro may be one of the fairest in the online community, but there are those who may review positively so they can get more free stuffs from companies. But yours is a good verdict, hope you enjoy your future GoPro purchase!:)


  3. I think for cosmetics it is really important to have image based social media accountants like Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat etc. just because it is ultimately a image driven company. You should check out Sephora Australia and Pricelines Instagram, they are amazing and very engaging! Digital is definitely one of the big must haves for beauty industry.

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    1. Yup that’s precisely why e.l.f cosmetics chose to push their prices down to draw more sales, and enhance their online presence, creating a brand effect with their customers’ loyalty for affordable makeup(No lipstick? Lets go e.l.f it’s only $1). They were also encouraged to upload their purchases on twitter and Facebook and hashtags them, providing e.l.f with another outlet for branding effect.


  4. I’m slightly familiar with the elf brand and from what I’ve experienced I think most of their promotion is done by beauty youtubers. Pretty much every beauty youtuber from america talks about elf in their ‘cheap’ make up videos. I view their twitter as a communication channel rather than a marketing channel. Their price point sells enough (THREE DOLLARS FOR LIPSTICK?!).


    1. Thanks for confirming my inputs on e.l.f’s marketing methods. Their twitter may be used as a form of communication but in that, it’s also a form of marketing because consumers are constantly eyeing on how they handled their enquiries or speech on social medias. How they handled a rude customer commenting negatively on their twitter and how they recept to good loyal customers. During these courses of interaction, their brand image is formed further, allowing consumers to decide to like e.l.f or not, not just the products.:)


  5. beside the media factors such as youtubers, i think that this product sells a lot because of the cheap price that makes it very affordable and popular. the branding of being a cheap-but-good brand is a very good one. a more expensive brand, however, would need more than just elf’s digital marketing to become as successful i guess


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