My thoughts on the future – Internet of things

We imagine internet of things to connect our every day interactive objects. It means that these objects and computers will be able to ‘talk’ to each other to usher in information.

Briefly, here are some examples of how the Internet of Things could change our daily lives which I researched online:


1. Locked yourself out of the house in a rush? The sensor door will delay locking for 30 seconds so that you can go back into the house to get the keys. No more worrying and hassles about misplacing your keys or having to make a new one just because you thought you lost it somewhere.


2.  Individuals with a family history of heart disease need not worry in the future.  With a handheld or wrist monitoring device,  these devices would measure the heartbeat for any irregularities.  Should an irregularity be detected,  it would send the individual a message warning them to visit the hospital for a checkup,  thus saving the life of the individual. 


3. Imagine stepping into the supermarket,  wishing to buy your favorite brand of milk.  However,  it has ran out of stock. The digital display on the trolley then indicates the next stock up of that particular brand of milk.

Satisfied, you decide to place an advance order on the milk.  On the way out,  you decide to purchase a bag of chips,  some vegetables and a pack of minced beef.  The trolley has already detected all of your purchase inside through the use of wireless communication technology.  You push your trolley out of the exit,  where the bill has been totalled and sent to your bank account to be credited.

Welcome to the future of grocery shopping.


4. When being stuck in a traffic jam, all cars would communicate with each other through a wireless network,  therefore spreading vehicles through different roads in order to optimize road usage and minimize traffic jams,  all without human intervention or control at all. 


5. You got into a serious accident while cycling down hill and landed unconscious, there’s no one around you. The, the accelerometer in your helmet is able to pick up that you’ve badly hit your head. It then sound a signal to check if your bicycle is near you and moving. If all’s negative, your bicycle will sound an emergency alarm for a few seconds until its deactivated. Otherwise the helmet will send your exact location to thze nearest ambulance, and emergency contacts in your phone, while alerting others surrounding of your situation.


6. Finished your coffee? Just place the cup onto the electronic saucer. Click yes or no for another cup of coffee and the barista will send it you.


7. Wanna sleep in but not sure if your schedule allows? Your phone will tell your alarm that your calendar phone schedule allows you an additional hour of rest. The alarm clock will then take note not to wake you up.

I’m definitely looking forward to the benefits of living with internet of things. It would make our lives 3 times faster and better, with less worries and harmful accidents. What’s your take on this change in lifestyle?

Source: 9 Real-Life Scenarios That Show How The Internet Of Things Could Transform Our Lives


11 thoughts on “My thoughts on the future – Internet of things

  1. Hey Elizabeth, great article about the future use of technology and how it could shape or enhance our lives as well. The concept behind these technology is also another aspect that I marvel as well. Who knew that an ordinary looking bicycle helmet could become a life saving technological marvel? (Even if it isnt out in the market). Yes the future indeed is fabulous, and articles or concepts like these are what keep us inspired and innovative always.

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    1. We definitely spring forward to each year with new life-saving, time-saving, effort-saving technologies uh. Its always nice to see and even imagine what the future could bring in our life time. Back in mid 90s, our parents never imagined mobile phones could be used for social media and advertising as well. Let’s hold on tight and embrace ourselves for the wonderful future!


      1. Indeed! Who knows what the future holds? Perhaps 50 years into the future, technology would have developed towards places where we couldnt have imagined now. Or it could increase levels of voyeurism by Government or Organisations, like the movie Minority Report starring Tom Cruise. Haha


  2. wow! great post! The possibilities just seem to be endless! I really like some of the internet of things, just because I see them helping people function a little easier through their everyday life. But I guess one of the questions is, to what point do these innovations of things become inappropriate or useless? Or do we become so reliant on them that we would not be able to function without them in the future. I guess only time will tell.


    1. In future I’m sure there’ll be a major panic attack among the population if these digital technology doesn’t work for 5 minutes- because everyone is so used to having them. Thus I’m sure the people who invented the Internet of things, would also invent anti-breakdown or recovery tools for the devices 🙂


  3. GREAT POST! I was a bit confused about what exactly the internet of things was but you’ve definitely cleared it up. I feel like this could evolve in some many different directions, with the potential to take over our lives. Its great (especially 3, 4 and 6) but I go think there is a point it should stop. Becoming overly reliant on technology is a recipe for disaster if it suddenly fails. I love the fact we are evolving but boundaries are necessary.


    1. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed this post and cleared up some of your enquiries! But yes, over reliance is bad, but I’m sure in future there will also be some invention of safeguarding tools to prevent stoppage of internet, which will cause businesses and people to break down… and also so that people wouldn’t go crazy when their devices suddenly stop working.


  4. What an interesting post! It implies that our future is really changing, everything is slowly moving to digital. Do you heard of ‘A day made of glass’? It shows how our future would be. Check it out on Youtube, you might like it!


    1. Yes I’ve seen it on someone’s post and commented on it not too long ago. Really love that idea and I’m looking forward to living that life! Imagine how much time we can save with the convenience of glass technology. I feel that the glass tech can also bring people closer together both online and offline because of its ability to interact face time. Unlike the digital age now where people disconnect from each other to connect online.


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