Land The Job By Playing The Popular Game Diablo 3, Against The Company’s CEO.

I was inspired by vkayokay‘s comment on one of my blog post (GrubHub’s Hunt for Summer Intern using Snapchat) to write this interesting post!

So you think playing online games are useless, big waste of time? Not until you hear this – In the month of July 2012, Saatchi & Saatchi’s CEO in Israel, invited his job applicants to challenge him to a match of Diablo 3 online. Whoever has the best programming skills, will be invited down to his office for a face to face interview.

Here’s the criteria to be accepted; The CEO is looking for a programmer who can work well in a team, and think on the spot quickly when faced with adversities. He should also be merciless to his enemies on the battlefield, while trying to think of ways to slay them – Just like playing the game of Diablo 3.

The successful applicant will be rewarded with 1 million gold coins and a rare legendary item – the Warmonger sword, as well as the programming job.

I’d say what an awesome boss!

Over to you, what is it about a job that motivates you to apply for it?

Source: Israeli Company Will Judge Applicants Based On Diablo Skills


10 thoughts on “Land The Job By Playing The Popular Game Diablo 3, Against The Company’s CEO.

  1. Cool blog!! i love computer games myself, i play Dota 2 most of the time and loving the fact that their prize pool in the competition is reaching million of dollars. The skills you earned in playing games can sometimes be applied in life such as reflexes :p, indeed he’s a cool boss!!


    1. Hi there. Yes indeed. But if we were to think deeper about this. What this Israeii CEO is doing is actually using the principles of an old fashioned rank and file interview and tuning it for the 21st century generation. Old fashioned interviews would have interviewers asking difficult or unusual questions to see if you could think on thr spot. What this CEO does is no different, except for the fact that he uses Diablo 3 instead of verbal questions to deliver the same thing. It is a great concept!

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  2. Well I guess that you know the person who got hired is passionate about Diablo 3! One of the main prerequisites is to be passionate abut your job! I said good work, hopefully the winners job skills are good too!


    1. Hi Shelley! YES indeed that is true. As this is a programming based job interview, it wouldn’t hurt to show yourself being a gamer. After all, modern games are now based on increasingly complicated computer gaming programming codes to suit the ever demanding gamers market (think call of duty, with its intricate game play systems). A programmer with great coding skills and gaming skills would be extremely crucial for a company to deliver an award winning gaming product!


  3. Wish I can do the same thing with Marketing Job Interview 🙂 Just kidding, but this is really cool! I think whatever you do, you need to have attention, passion about it, otherwise it won’t make sense. What a company game development needs, firstly, is somebody who loves playing games.


    1. Well Helen, a cool marketing interview does not necessarily require a challenge in Diablo 3. Maybe they could have candidates create a mini marketing campaign to sell themselves during the grad app. Wouldn’t that delve straight into the basic of marketing, which is “sell yourself?” This way, people who are passionate about marketing could be easily identified by the company.

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  4. After doing what felt like a billion grad apps this year I feel like this is the greatest app EVER. The everyday job application is getting boring and tedious. If employers want to motivate the best applicants to apply and have the opportunity the stand out more of them should do this…rather than those stupid online psychometric tests. -.-


    1. Well, rank and file old style interview techniques still have its relevance evem in the 21st century corporate world. However, what companies could do is to integrate fun elements of the interview stages as the final stage in order to identify the “cream of the crop” talent pool. But for some industries like Finance, a rank and file interview is still more effective given its corporate environment.


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