#Why #Hashtags #Are #Spams


Hashtags are wonderful inventions for posts on social media sites to help us gain exposure and specify our search. Most of the time, hashtags are appropriately used, but there are situations when hashtags are abused to the extend that they have turned into a series of spams.

One example is that anyone can decide which appropriate keywords to use for their posts and websites. However, another user may use the same keyword but not for the same intended content. Perhaps she/he may be using it to gain wider exposure for her/his own personal branding, instead of what’s relevant to the hashtag’s intended results. Seems like a small issue at first, but if everyone were to abuse the hashtags choices of key words by plotting every word they could find in the dictionary, very soon these hashtags will depreciate and deemed not helpful to users anymore.


Another reason for labeling spams against hashtags, was that relatively few people know how to use hashtags. And among those, most of them were slightly spammy. Perhaps this mindset would change if more people know how use hashtags correctly.

However, there are also circumstances where people use hashtags to associate posts with a common topic, for discussions and updates, because hashtags help to make sense for these conversations identified with a common trend. And these hashtags are not spams – they are intended.

Now over to you, how do you utilize hashtags in your daily posts?

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11 thoughts on “#Why #Hashtags #Are #Spams

  1. As my experiences spam hashtag before (on Facebook and Instagram), so I do understand that I should not annoy people who follow me or friends of mind with unrelated hashtag.
    Besides, 0-1 hashtag: wonderful, 2-3 hashtags are acceptable, 4-10 hashtags: I know what you are trying to do, to get attention and be famous, more than 10 hashtags: you have a problem, I think I will ignore that.

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    1. Hi helen, yes I agree totally! I feel that too many hash tags (10 and above) is akin to being attention seeking. At worst, you are desperately trying to seel attention. Consumer in the digital age have been bombarded woth enough information already, spamming multiple hash tags without any meaningful value us just compounding the problem here.

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  2. I agree! Sometimes when you click on the hashtag, someone of the content is not even relevant to the hashtag at all! That’s when you know it’s a spam to as Hanh said get famous and attention! #notcool

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    1. Exactly! It is extremely annoying when you get multiple (read: millions of!) Hash tags all without a coherent message being sent across. This evidently reflects the issue that advertisers or individuals have not given sufficient thought into their marketing campaigns. During hash tags peak in 2012-2013, successful hash tags had an emotional connection to the consumers or users that they were targeting, and this is what marketers should be giving effort and thought towards. Think of successful hash tags like #nbcfail which illustrated frustration by American tv viewers with NBC tv channels that went viral. These are what hash tags should achieve, a viral gold standard.


  3. Great Post! I’m relatively new to instagram and from observing my post over the past few weeks I definitely agree with you. I feel like when you start to see the ‘…’ because they fit all your hashtags on the post, you have a problem. Hashtags are a great way to promote your account and get some followers…but you gotta recognise when its just ‘too much’.


    1. Hello. Yes that is true! But being new to instagram, or twitter for that matter, doesn’t exempt us from hash tag spamming. What we new users could learn and observe is how popular or successful users type their hash tags and learn from it. It could be a beneficial experience for all of Internet users in the long run.


  4. agreed! i think people often use so many hastags for getting more likes to their posts, which really annoys me when i search for a certain hash tags and what comes up are the unrelated ones 😦 some people even change their unrellevant hastags constantly in order to get more attention..


    1. Hey there. Yes it is indeed sad! Belive it or not, some people are desperate for like or attention to justify their actions. They use likes or hash tags to measure their society self worth. People should seriously reconsider the impact their hash tags have on other social media users. Cheers.


  5. Hashtags is very interesting, especially when you use it in Instagram. There are several famous hashtags such as #love #vscocam and other hashtags. For marketer it is very useful because even though it is a spam, hashtags can make a brand to increase their brand awareness. Great post!


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