I like indoor and outdoor activities and I’m an avid sports fan – only when I can set and train at my own pace. I like training at home in my spare time to become more flexible and stronger, but achieve the techniques in the gym/studio.
On this day, I was so lucky I get to attend my first private fighting session conducted by professional boxer @nursniper from Juggernaut Fight Club as we fought alongside other bloggers and PR. This was when I met Valerie, Miss Universe 2011! 🙂 I love her fighting stances, couldn’t believe when she told me its her first time D:

We learnt effective fighting stances, footing techniques and rhythms, which I’m sure might actually come in handy someday on the streets late at night.

Coming from a dance background, I discovered that fighting requires new areas of muscular engagement, but it was a breeze to keep up with an awesome coach and fun company.

Shahida the coach!

A term of martial arts class cost between $120 to $220 depending on your age and class category. Check out the full rates and schedule.

Got to thank my girlfriend Zoe for this invitation!! I thoroughly enjoyed the varied full body workout.
#juggernautfightclub #media #beginnerlevel #boxingtraining #fightclub #girlpower


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