GrubHub’s Hunt for Summer Intern using Snapchat

GrubHub is an online eatery delivery service and they are looking for interns with insane “Snapchat Skillz”. So they advertised 6 doodle images to promote their recruitment and at the same time, showcased their expectations in an applicant via these images.

grubhub 242579_2_800 242579_3_800

242579_4_800 242579_5_800 242579_6_800 

To apply,
Step1: Applicants would first need to send GrubHub their best doodle piece on Snapchat
Step 2: Proceed to fill in a google application form in the image, or find it in GrubHub’s careers page.


This recruitment campaign by GrubHub is an effective and simple way to attain promising interns to showcase their creativity, social media skills, and get a chance to stand out among the rest with a unique sense of humour in their applications.

232211_2_800 232211_3_800 227599_1_800

So over to you, do you know of any other creative social media employee recruitment campaigns?


Source: 5 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Snapchat


24 thoughts on “GrubHub’s Hunt for Summer Intern using Snapchat

      1. Thanks Eliz! I have been reading threads by the others as well. Most of these creative interview questions aren’t just confined to your typical “Yuppies” startups. Big, established firms like Microsoft have given “off the grid” interview scenarios as well. Pretty sure you may have heard of the famous “Give at least 3 reasons why Manhole covers are round?”.

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        1. Hmmm 3 reasons why manhole covers are round?

          -Easy to roll?
          -You can slot the in from any direction?
          -Equal weight distribution?

          Haha just some wild guesses. Hey Microsoft, care to offer me an interview? Haha


  1. This is amazing! Definitely sounds like a fun recruitment process which isn’t as daunting as a serious face-to-face interview in which doesn’t portray marketing interns’ creativity and skills the way this campaign would have!

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    1. Indeed! What I felt is that interviews like these are kind of “killing 2 birds with 1 stone”, you get to really assess the actual ability of the candidate you are interviewing plus you get to really connect with the younger generation workforce (aka being seen as cool). As compared to typical “rank and file” corporations where interviews revolve around the CVs of the candidates, this could be a future occurrence for Gen Y and Gen Z interviews.

      Another perk here is that you can erase your mistakes and start again if you stuff up your interview (doodle), unlike the real face to face thing.


  2. Sounds like a great way to showcase your ability to be create on social media. This is a great way to recruit for people wanting to work in those positions. Someone may have really good grades but no skill in this type of marketing.

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    1. Aha yep! It definitely goes to show that good grades doesn’t automatically provide one with a good job without some talents (like gaming?). @vkayokay pointed out a very interesting job interview process whereby the job applicatns have to challenge the CEO in a game of Diablo 3 to get the job. I’ve blogged about it here, you might like to have a read!… and maybe a laugh!


  3. Companies in Australia need to start adopting these types of recruitment activities. Word of Mouth is the best way to learn about a company these days and having a game or a competition will keep the company looking fun and modern. From memory PwC did a photo comp or something on Facebook a couple of months ago for a summer internship. None of the other Big 4 are doing this so it really put them up there in my mind when doing grad apps. 🙂


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